Japan Media Arts Festival  

Entertainment Division

Jury Selections

EMOTO Yusuke “Lightblue”

Music Video

MATSUMOTO Soushi / MIURA Naoyuki / SHIMADA Momoko / HIRANO Ryo / FURUYA Kurando / GOTO Takehiro / TAKAGI Koichi [Japan]

© lute


This music video for Lightblue written by EMOTO Yusuke features a cast of 20 girls from the arts/expression group (drama) at Fukushima Prefectural Iwaki Sogo High School. A seven-day period leading up to the annual school festival is condensed into 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Filmed using a single unedited take, throughout the video the spirited youth of the high school girls is shown through their intense performances and all-out efforts. 

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